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We have an immense amount of bibliography that affirms and confirms through studies that problems during sex as a couple are a possible symptom or indicator of deeper problems among its members. However, it does not always happen that way.

In many cases there is a sexual crisis in a couple, being the rest of the areas that make up in perfect (or almost perfect) conditions. This crisis can manifest itself in different ways: lack of desire, less pleasure during relationships or constant distractions, among others. When this happens, an alarm is created around sexual intercourse, demanding expectations, distorted thoughts, etc. That is to say, the future of the relationship is projected in how sex is being a couple, which generates frustration, tension, anxiety, interpretation of symptoms. The Aussie Cam Boys videos are perfect here.

But how to improve sex as a couple?

  • Demystifying false beliefs: society indicates how the perfect relationship should be, and is taken as true, which generates expectations difficult to meet.
  • Learn to live our sexuality as a couple: whether it is new or not, you must find and rediscover the rhythms and desires or inclinations both your own and the couple. In short (re) discover: return to caress, to smell, to feel, to look at each other without haste.
  • Adapt to the needs of the moment: sexuality evolves, not all times are the same and we do not need the same. Therefore, we must adapt to the moment of the life cycle that is being lived and to our needs.
  • Work curiosity: what one likes already knows, so proposing new horizons keeps the couple active and dynamic.
  • Do not be afraid of communication: it is essential to have freedom to express and share. Without communication, understanding and “renewal” will not be possible.
  • Have an active attitude: many couples wait for the situation to change on its own with the excuse of “better times will come”, while the relationship deteriorates. Maintaining an active attitude, proposing solutions to improve or external help in a professional, will provide a sense of control over the situation and motivation will be maintained.
  • Plan together an appointment with hope: there is nothing that produces more illusion than seeing that the couple has invested time in surprising us, in improving the situation.
  • Enjoy sexual practices: the important thing is to pay attention in feeling and not so much in thinking or doing. To enjoy everything that is done and to perceive what the sensations provoke in one is much more pleasant and satisfying.

Increase the erotic : take care of yourself and take care of the moment, look for it and prepare it, prepare. Presence of frequent erotic stimuli : the organism learns the frequency in which these stimuli are presented, whether they are more explicit (such as caresses) or less (fantasies). Their presence produces the desire that mobilizes intimacy with the partner, so if there is no sensory stimulation that motivation will not appear.